What is T.I.L.I.D.I.N. ???


  • T.I.L.I.D.I.N. is an electronic music project
  • covers a lot of genres and deals with the crossover of guitar based music (metal, rock, funk) and electronic music
  • Apex Cordis (the person behind Tilidin) produces own tracks and remixes for other bands/artists
  • T.I.L.I.D.I.N. is an acronym for "the instinct lasts in daily inherent necrosis"
  • check out the media page and listen to the releases
  • If you want T.I.L.I.D.I.N. to make a remix for you or anything else -> contact

  • T.I.L.I.D.I.N. ist ein Musik-Projekt für elektronische Musik
  • deckt viele Genres ab und versucht den Crossover aus gitarrenbasierter Musik (Metal, Rock, Funk) und elektronischer Musik
  • Apex Cordis (die Person hinter Tilidin) produziert eigene Tracks und Remixes für andere Bands/Künstler
  • T.I.L.I.D.I.N. ist eine Abkürzung für "the instinct lasts in daily inherent necrosis"
  • check die Media page und höre die Tracks
  • Wenn T.I.L.I.D.I.N. einen Remix für Dich machen soll oder sonst irgendwas -> contact


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A little bit history:

My band Mors Cordis started out in 1998. This gave me the possibility to express myself in a band context as a singer and producer and is still active. Check the homepage for further informations. Nevertheless during the years I have produced other genres as well and when the "new" Dubstep/Brostep/Drum'n'Bass/Hardstyle/Trap scene became larger I was infected by the sound of many artists. Those growl basses, wobbles, 808s and the return of the rave stuff made me want to produce such tracks.

But as always I was looking for something "own". So I tried adding guitars and liked it so much, that I started T.I.L.I.D.I.N. as a side project. Whenever there is time, I produce new tracks/remixes. I am not someone who follows every trend. I like the aggressive electronic music styles and will only do what I like to. I already produced some tracks which will be released soon. My first EP "The Gateway Drug" was released on September, 13th 2019.

At the moment it is not planned to do live sets (DJing), but let's see what is going to happen in the future.